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We at Visions Ahead meticulously plan and monitor their development, growth and progress at every growing stage. The process initiates with career counselling sessions either one to one or in groups, specially designed for students to develop self awareness and knowledge about selecting their academic major courses and move cautiously toward their career journey. Students are then guided about their values, interests, competencies, confidence and personal characteristics through detailed exercises and conversations to avoid students beforehand discovering unidentified interests. Visions Ahead  caters students through classes, group workshops, interactive sessions and computer enabled guidance tools. We also use standardised assessment instruments like self directed search, strong interest inventory or other self identified skill mediums designed to clarify career inclinations. We also encourage them to do self research by reading articles and watching programmes in media, along with holding interactive sessions with education mentors and industry  professional experts. At Visions Ahead they gain immense exposure through our regularly updated and carefully scrutinised resource library which provides them our self & expert’s written global journals, articles, directories, websites with related links, books and papers presented in the relevant fields. We collaborate with reputed institutions & organizations for training, outreach, industry visits, and educational fairs to make our students aware of the latest norms and ensure that our wards are constantly updated and on their toes.

​ We believe that there is abundant source of knowledge and students are the real epitome of information because of their never say dying spirits, only they need the right guidance, care and mentoring. In spite getting the best of the school education still we get issues of student unrest, the reason is at times paths of uncertainties that behold them and they roam aimlessly like ignorant armies clashing at night. Today’s child is like Hanuman who forgot his real power and required to be counselled to recognize his insight, likewise our job is to know our children better and build a rapport with them where mind is free without fear and can cross  miles ahead. We work through their difficulties by understanding them better and then find means and solutions of managing their situations in accordance. Vision Ahead apart from psychological counseling also imparts carrier counseling and helps students identify their paths to achieve their ambitions. We initiate online chats, personality development sessions, mock interviews and aptitude tests to evaluate them and then guide them in lieu of their varied interests. Our personalized counseling sessions start with behavioral assessment, educational assessment, children’s problem, checklist, adolescent problem checklist, learning disability  screening, social maturity and impaired disorders assessment. We offer behavioral therapy, existential therapy, person centered therapy, rational-emotive & cognitive behavioral therapy to tide over the hurdles. Education & Career counseling is another domain that we cater to by training students to make decisions ahead; we help them to get into the groove beforehand and plan meticulously in advance regarding their education & career opportunities and options. Here we guide and assist them about the education scenario, new developments, new courses, sports criteria’s, projects, extracurricular avenues, examinations, competitions providing  assistance as per students liking and areas of interests.

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Education for us at Visions Ahead is the basic right of every individual, so we in our capacities  try to help and guide anybody who requires the same without any discrimination and bias. Every individual student deserves enhanced education in today’s competitive world to gain appropriate employability and then duly perform his duties to the society and nation as a whole. We provide educational & carrier guidance through minute nuances of the system. At Visions Ahead we realistically help the students in shedding inhibitions, competition pressures, Parental & Societal expectations. As the education arena is transforming fast and there is so much scope for every individual student, we encourage them through our one to one and group sessions to feel motivated to show interests in field that they like and grow as individuals. Our esteemed Mentors & Counsellors show them the homely and friendly approach to tide over any crisis and help them express their views with grace, conviction and confidence. We learn and share experiences from students of any age and help gain from each other experiences.