Our team of Fashion & Luxury consultants helps enhancing the image of the brands to achieve international levels and global fame.Together with the designers based on detailed research, we create the concept and vision of the brand through exclusive visual merchandising, media campaigns, trade, fashion shows and events. VisionsAhead through its experts having long exposure to famous fashion & luxury brands guarantees its clients a continuous level of premium quality services, coverage and publicity hogging limelights through its intricate networking with paparazzi, bloggers, fashion editors and magazines

We provide you services like Launching the Brand, Facilitating the expansion of the portfolio of brands, image management, Location research, market research, consumer profile analysis, feasibility studies, country entry & partner search, Partnerships with luxury brands and managing luxury shows & events. Luxury fashion brand launches in 2009 accounted for two-third of all international brands launched in India. Originally fashion & luxury stores made their presence felt at shopping arcades of five star hotels, but with the economy undergoing massive changes and the concept of premier malls & new rich picking up made brands trying non- descript & bohemian sites and locations as their preferences for launches. We have seen trends of premium locations doing better business than original luxurious settings incorporating and redefining fashion & luxury. In India the average high net worth criteria is about 125,000 household as the consumers still have a penchant of buying luxury goods abroad rather than from same store brands in India. The scenario is fast changing with the country working on the import duties, latest collection of merchandise offered, awareness of brands, better shopping destinations, surge in purchasing power and FDI in retail helping a emerging base of customers for these segments. 

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In today’s persistently evolving world of luxury, technological innovations and new business strategies have transformed the insight of how patrons of luxury are perceiving brands. So today it becomes more than imperative for the luxury brands to use modern tools & leverage mediums like e-commerce and the internet to entice and constantly allure their contemporary & older clients. We at Visions Ahead are part of this significant change and are playing a active role as your partners in your quest towards Fashion & luxury. Our belief continues in providing novel creative ideas that originate from the reality of the modern-day world and the cultural moorings of the country the brand is planning to launch its line in.

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Luxury is synonymous to fashion and go hand in hand. The balancing act is being stylish and blending the heritage value systems from vintage to contemporary to the neo modern. The new market segments being masstige luxury, luxury, extra luxury defines delicacy, elegance and refinement. These goods are high income elasticity of demand, the more of wealth the more display of luxurious surroundings in terms of products and services. Global luxury showcases three dominant trends of globalization, diversification and consolidation. The luxury market is on the upper swing for past many years, the rich are growing richer and there is a tremendous market for such extravagant product lines. These conspicuous consumptions include designer clothing’s, vehicles, watches, jewelry, yachts, planes, mansions and villas. When stamped with the authority of genuineness & class they form the elite luxury brands. In fashion the super luxury products are termed as Haute Couture masterpieces followed by the Pret-A-Porter. We at Visions Ahead provide a range of personal services including property, wine, art, apparels, jewelry, travel and events consultancy on bespoke basis and new approaches to the elite list. Luxury today is shifting from a focus on high value to a desire for true value, with crafted authentic experiences trumping the more conspicuous excesses of the past.