training program's for institutions & schools

  • Group Discussion & Presentation Skills
  • Resume Writing,  & Interview Skills
  • Verbal & Non Verbal Communication
  • Dissertation & Report Writing Skills
  • Time & Stress Management
  • Self Motivation & Confidence Building Techniques
  • Body Language & Personality Development 
  • Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership Skills 
  •  Social & Business Etiquette
  • Professional Writing Skills
  • Corporate Grooming 

training & development

Image Management, Soft Skills, Behavioural Development...

Visions Ahead, a divine innovative young association imparts industry integrated training and development programmes for the intriguing minds. We constantly conceive, evolve and execute these consultancy sessions for Institutions, Corporate’s, PSU’S and Government sectors based on innovative tools, strategic analysis and latest teaching pedagogies. Our training areas incorporate wide peripherals of industry needs and help in bridging the communication gaps by enhancing the Total Management Techniques (TQM). We are a committed growing firm that aims to set the highest standards of quality & service in the training and consultancy industry thus cultivating professional competence and providing effective business and human capital solutions. Training is not just business but a passion for us, where we constantly strive to enhance our programmes to suit the learning needs of individuals and organizations. Our Sessions are fun learning, innovative, interactive and inspirational for our audiences and ourselves. Visions Ahead objectives and learning outcomes include an attempt to enable the participants to understand and appreciate the need to change their perceptions and perspectives in leading themselves and their subordinates in order to meet the challenges of today’s nanosecond culture. We incorporate Charles Darwin’s thoughts that “It is not the strongest of the species that survive; nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”. Apart from conventional training tools we use innovative teaching pedagogy like management & mind games, case studies, role plays, stress management exercises, psycho metric analysis, 360 degree peer review including self & group assessments. In today’s Globalized world apart from possession of knowledge and expertise, the paradigm shift is on presentation of facts which make it quintessential for a organization to embark its personnel towards an outright business personality which enables them to become through executive and not just part of the official fragmentation. Training are the way to continuously attain the growth of superfluous “HUMAN CAPITAL and we at Visions Ahead help you in achieving the same.

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Highlights of some of our Training Modules 

Training Program’s for Corporate, PSU’s & Government Sector

  • Business Etiquette & Corporate Grooming 
  • Personality Development & Cross Cultural Management 
  • Grooming & Leadership 
  • Cross Cultural Management & Business Horizons 
  • Presentation Skills & Projection Techniques 
  • Team Building and Networking through Effective CS 
  • Magic of Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication Skills 
  • Interview Skills & Conflict Management 
  • Voice Modulation & Presentation Skills 
  • Leadership, Negotiation and Dynamic Presentation Skills 
  • Business Ethics, Grooming & Personality Development 
  • Confidence Building & Innovative Teaching Techniques 
  • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
  • Motivation & Confidence Building Techniques

​Industry Academia Integrations